Road Trip to the Florida Keys: A Journey Back to Old Florida

Road Trip to the Florida Keys: A Journey Back to Old Florida

Embarking on a recent trip to the Florida Keys, I found myself immersed in the charm and beauty of this captivating region. From the picturesque stops along the way to Key West to the nostalgic experiences that transported me back to my first visit 22 years ago, this journey was truly unforgettable. Let me take you on a virtual tour of my latest adventure through Key West, reliving cherished memories and discovering new gems in this idyllic part of the Sunshine State.

Our road trip commenced with a delightful stop at the renowned Bud N' Mary's in Islamorada. As the sun painted the sky in shades of orange and pink, we experienced an incredible sight of tarpons gathering near the docks. Armed with buckets of fish, we couldn't resist participating in the time-honored tradition of feeding these majestic creatures. The thrill of seeing these mighty tarpons up close left an indelible mark on our minds, setting the tone for the adventure ahead.


Continuing our journey towards Key West, we cruised over the iconic 7 Mile Bridge, a true engineering marvel. As the turquoise waters stretched infinitely around us, we were reminded of the breathtaking beauty that the Florida Keys had to offer. The drive along the bridge allowed us to embrace the tranquil serenity of the ocean, while the promise of Key West's vibrant atmosphere beckoned us forward.


Arriving in Key West, we checked into the Pegasus International Hotel, a place that would soon become a cozy haven for us during our stay. The hotel's warm ambiance and friendly staff instantly made us feel at home. While reminiscing about our previous visit 22 years ago, we couldn't help but marvel at how Key West had managed to retain its enchanting allure over the years.

As food enthusiasts, we sought out authentic culinary experiences, and Mangia Mangia was the perfect spot to indulge. The restaurant's inviting atmosphere and delectable homemade pasta transported our taste buds to Italy. Savoring every bite, we reveled in the comforting flavors that made us feel like we were being treated to a homecooked meal by an Italian grandmother.


No visit to Key West would be complete without a visit to Mallory Square. As the sun began its descent, we joined the lively crowd to witness the vibrant Sunset Festival. The spectacle of street performers, local musicians, and eclectic vendors created an electric atmosphere, making us feel alive with the spirit of Key West.


Wandering through Duval Street, the heartbeat of Key West's nightlife, we were met with a kaleidoscope of sights and sounds. Live music from various bars and clubs echoed through the streets, inviting us to dance and celebrate life. The street vendors added a touch of local charm, offering an array of trinkets and crafts that we couldn't resist taking home as souvenirs.


Seeking a bit of mystery and history, we embarked on a Ghost Tour aboard a trolley. As we ventured through the streets of Key West, we learned about the city's haunted past and the tales of shipwrecks that lingered in the air. The eerie yet fascinating stories left us captivated, adding a unique layer of intrigue to our journey.


As our time in Key West drew to a close, we made sure to enjoy a hearty breakfast at The Breakfast Place before setting off on the road back to Punta Gorda. The experience had left us feeling inspired and yearning for more. The old Florida charm, the warm hospitality, and the captivating landscapes had woven their spell around us, making us dream of calling this place "home" one day.


The Florida Keys, with its captivating beauty and old-world charm, continues to be an inspiring destination for travelers seeking adventure and nostalgia alike. From feeding tarpons at Bud N' Mary's to strolling through the lively streets of Key West and savoring homemade pasta at Mangia Mangia, every moment was a treasured memory. The Florida Keys will forever hold a special place in my heart, and I eagerly await the day when I can return to its shores and make this enchanting paradise my home.



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